Customization of sex dolls

Our life-size dolls have diverse optional combinations. The customers can choose various options according to their desires and be made a personalized doll.

All our dolls benefit from the "hollow breasts" technology.

4 colors of eyes are available: brown, blue, green and grey.


3 skin colors are available: Caucasian, Hispanic and Metis.


The areolas of the breasts can be of the color of the flesh, or be tinted in pink, light brown or brown.


The vaginal lips can be of the flesh color, or be tinted in pink, light brown or brown.


The pubis can be hairless or with implanted hairs. Customers can request personalized pubic hair by sending us a photo by email.


The nails of hands and feet are synthetic of flesh color or pink color.


The default setting of the skeleton joints allows the dolls to hold in position but you will have to force a can to change position. If you choose very flexible joints, you can move the limbs without forcing but your doll will not be able to hold in position (see video below).



Standard feet do not allow dolls to stand upright. If you want your doll to stand up, it is imperative to choose improved feet.

If you choose a skeleton with very flexible joints, your doll will not be able to stand even with this option.


Our wigs are adjustable and fit on all heads of dolls. Choose the one that suits you best.