Innovative realistic dolls

We have over 5 years of experience in the production of good quality sex dolls. We are the pioneers of realistic dolls TPE Pemium, a material of higher quality than used by other global brands.

Ultra realistic details

Premium dolls are carved with a realism increased breast, the areolas, the vagina and the anus.

Old dolls have less realistic details.

High-tech skeleton

New skeleton design.
Patented design.
More flexible.
More resistant.
Joints wide angles.

Fluid movements

Arm movements


Legs movements


Neck movements



Quick start-up

Ultra fast head positioning

Available bodies :
140 F-cup Premium
150 B-cup Premium
150 D-cup Premium
160 D-cup premium
165 F-cup Premium
166 A-cup Premium
169 C-cup Premium

Ultra fast head positioning : New connector

Available bodies :
161 E-cup Premium
165 N-cup Premium