Payment methods

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To pay your order, we offer several methods of payment:

To validate the high amounts, we can request a photocopy of your photo ID and proof of address.

Payment by bank transfer - [ € ]

The manufacturing of your doll will begin when your payment receipt

To receive your order quickly, please go into your bank or your bank online, and then make a bank transfer of the amount of the order to our bank account:

Account holder: LEFEVRE WEBSTORE
IBAN: FR76 1870 7005 2031 1219 4080 862

You will receive an email when the transfer will be validated by our Bank.

Payment by PayPal / credit card - [ € • £ • $ ]

You can pay all of your orders with your PAYPAL account or with your credit card without Paypal account..

Method of Payment incompatible with the withdrawal of merchandise in the shop.

Solution PayPal

In order to use PayPal, you must set up a virtual account with the company. The bank data is stored centrally and does not have to be entered separately for each purchase. Payments made via PayPal are immediately credited to the payment recipient, thus eliminating the usual bank transfer time for a transfer. This speeds up the payment processing and shortens the delivery time of the goods. If you choose PayPal as payment method in our shop, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment mask. There you log in with your PayPal access data (e-mail address and password) and confirm the amount to be paid. Then you will be returned to our shop.

Security Information: When purchasing an item through the internet please make sure the PIN is never given and report any requests for your PIN, however it is normal practice to be asked for a credit card verification number. The PIN is only for the use at banking machines and maybe should not be passed on to anyone else. While the PIN cannot be viewed on the credit card, the CVC is printed on the back of the card and must be indicated next to the card number for transactions on the Internet, this to ensure that the payee is actually the holder of the credit card. While you can save the CVC on internet sites which you can use more frequently, the card number and the runtime using so-called cookies, the CVC is not saved and has to be entered again for each new transaction.

This is for security and prevents the misuse of the credit card data. You should also ensure that there is a secure connection between you and the shop during the payment process. In the "https: //" address line, instead of "http: //", a small lock must be displayed. Only then is the connection sufficiently encrypted.